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Designed for you, tailor-made.

DESLOUPS wool coats are high-end manufacturing coats, easily retouchable in order to have a perfect fit for several types of body types. Adjustments are offered at the time of purchase of the coat exclusively at Desloups. Over the years, you can re-make an appointment with us for other touch-ups if necessary. In this case there will be a small fee for alterations.


Discover our exclusive items for the celebration of Desloups’ 10th anniversary!

Our history

The idea came from the compromise we all have during winter in the city: wearing a “chic and cold” wool coat or a “sporty and warm” padded coat. With Desloups we have created the perfect urban winter coat to be both chic and warm!

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Exceptional coats, uncompromising warmth.

DESLOUPS designs and manufactures all of its coats in Quebec, using a melton weave made of 100% virgin wool, lined with nylon pique and active thermolite which increases the level of comfort. Little touches like the addition of hand-warmer pockets, a fine wool lining in the cuffs, the inside of the back and in the pockets, make it a cocoon of warmth. In addition, the large collar large enough to slip in a scarf and often a detachable hood lined with fine wool are added to cover you and keep you warm, even in the middle of winter.

  • Position offered

    We offer free delivery to Canada, the United States and France for purchases over $100.

  • Secure payments

    Secure online payments.

  • Easy Returns and Exchanges

    You have 15 days to exchange or return an item.

  • Repairs

    We have an integrated out-of-warranty repair service on DESLOUPS coats. Contact us for details.

  • Made to measure

    We offer the “made to measure” option in order to offer coats for all silhouettes and needs. A $150 fee is added to the price of the selected coat and a 3-week lead time for production.

  • Leading eco company

    Desloups stands out for its circular economy with the Vintage DESLOUPS program, its responsible sourcing of raw materials, and with its RWS certified wool, its short local production circuit and the delivery of goods by electric vehicle.